From an article by Tom Daykin in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

An industrial facility that would collect wood waste and other biomass and use it to make wood pellets and natural gas has been proposed for the Port of Milwaukee.

The renewable-energy facility would be operated by Waters’ New Biotech Inc., a Pewaukee start-up led by Edward L. Waters.

The Common Council’s Public Works Committee on Wednesday is to review a proposal to lease 3.7 acres on the Port’s south harbor to Waters’ New Biotech. The company would pay $85,100 annually for 15 years, according to the lease proposal.

The firm would demolish some city-owned buildings to make way for the facility and would receive rent credits to cover $116,000 in estimated demolition costs, the proposal said.

Waters’ New Biotech plans to convert wood waste into wood pellets that can be burned as fuel, said Eric Reinelt, port director.

The development would include a gasification facility, with natural gas produced as a byproduct, he said.