A letter by Kristin Charipar to the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The Oct. 5 article “Strict mercury rules likely to take effect” did not mention a key element: According to the Energy Information Administration, two-thirds of Wisconsin’s electricity comes from coal-fired generation. If Wisconsin used more sustainable and less polluting forms for electricity, this mercury rule would not be so controversial.

Wisconsin needs to move toward sustainable energy policies. I fully support the proposed mercury rule because it will give electric companies an additional incentive to stop proposing coal power plants (which not only release mercury but also lots of greenhouse gas emissions) and invest in renewable energy instead. This is rule is taking a step in the right direction by focusing on humanity (our environment and health) rather than a monthly bill.

I applaud the Department of Natural Resources for its work on the mercury rule and hope the government will continue to move toward policies that will make Wisconsin a clean and green place to live.