From a news release issued by S.C. Johnson:

Racine, Wis., (June 21, 2012) – SC Johnson continues to build its legacy as an environmental champion with the announcement that it will build two wind turbines at its largest global manufacturing plant, Waxdale, located in Mt. Pleasant, Wis. The company received clearance to begin construction on the turbines, which will put wind power behind trusted brands such as Windex®, Glade®, Pledge®, Raid® and Scrubbing Bubbles®. The turbines are expected to be operational by the end of 2012. . . .

Waxdale, the size of 36 football fields, is SC Johnson’s largest global manufacturing facility. The wind turbines will generate approximately eight million KWH of electricity per year, the equivalent of powering more than 700 homes annually, and reduce carbon emissions associated with powering Waxdale by six thousand metric tons annually. The turbines are expected to be approximately 415 feet high.

The wind turbines are the latest in a series of renewable energy production investments at Waxdale. In addition to the practical energy and sustainability benefits, the investment in the company’s Waxdale facility continues SC Johnson’s commitment to manufacturing in the Racine community.

Wind Turbines – The Facts, Benefits

A few facts about the wind turbines at Waxdale include:

• The company expects the wind turbines will produce approximately 15 percent of the electrical energy used at Waxdale.

• The remaining approximately 85 percent of Waxdale’s electrical energy requirements can be produced by two co-generation units installed during the last decade that produce electrical energy and steam. Approximately 27 million KWH per year or 45 percent will be renewable energy from landfill gases used by co-generation unit one; on average, the remaining 23 million KWH or 40 percent will be from methane/clean energy used by co-generation unit two.

• The electricity generated will be the energy equivalent of more than 600,000 gallons of gasoline every year, equal to an average amount of gas used by more than 1,100 cars annually.

• This effort will reduce annual carbon emissions associated with powering the Waxdale plant by six thousand metric tons.

Reducing Resource Use

Sustainability has been a focus for SC Johnson for decades. In late 2011, the company was recognized with a Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their commitment and contribution to the advancement of the nation’s voluntary green power market.