From an article by Richard Thomas in Business North:

At least $100,000 in scholarships is available per year for students who enroll in the University of Wisconsin’s Sustainable Management bachelor program, the nation’s first such degree available online, Dean David Schejbal said July 29.

The program is using faculty and financial aid offices at UW campuses: Parkside, River Falls, Stout and Superior.

The Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands provides the scholarship money. Proceeds from sale and forestry on these lands go to K-12 library systems, loans to municipalities, teaching colleges in Wisconsin, commonly referred to as the Normal Schools, and others.

Recently the Normal School fund began showing positive financial returns. The state constitution directed this money to go to the UW general fund.

The board asked Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona) for an amendment to direct these monies to three areas: a full-time position for Environmental Studies K-12 curriculum development, the Nelson Institute for need-based scholarships, and the Sustainable Management degree program.

Schejbel expects the scholarship fund to grow each year.

The two-year, 21-course (63 credits) degree aims to turn the theories of sustainability into tangible business strategies. The program teaches the fundamentals of “triple bottom line” — ecological, social and financial performance. . . .

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