Rick Adamski (left) began researching wind turbine options at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in 2005, where he talked with turbine installer Dave Blecker of Seventh Generation, the company that installed Adamski’s turbine.

From a story by Monica Landeros on WLUK-TV:

There is a farmer in Northeast Wisconsin who soon won’t have electricity bills, in fact the electric company may eventually be paying him. That’s because the Maple Grove farmer near Seymour in Shawano County has installed one of the first wind turbines in his area on his own property, with the help of federal and state grants.

Look across the snow cover fields of Full Circle Farms in Maple Grove and you’ll a 110-foot tall wind turbine with three massive blades.

“The wind turbine should last 20 to 30 years,” said Full Circle Farmer Owner Rick Adamski.

It took hours to install in early February. Adamski watched every step of the process from a safe distance with some neighbors.

“We’re trying to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Adamski. . . .

Adamski’s wind turbine still needs some finishing touches and is expected to be turned on the week of February 9th.

Soon after that, Adamski won’t pay for electricity anymore. It will save him about $7,000 a year. In fact, the turbine will produce more energy than is needed. So, the extra energy will be sold back to WE Energies.