Anti-wind forces plan to flood the meeting of the Town of Sherman (Sheboygan County) board to protest a four-turbine project proposed by Emerging Energies, a Wisconsin company.

The town board members need to hear from pro-wind advocates like you!

Can you possibly attend a pre-meeting at 5:30 on September 4 at Kettleview RE and then go to the public hearing?

Maureen Faller, co-owner of Kettleview RE, wrote a terrific guest column to lay out the benefits of wind energy, and she will lead the pre-meeting to give you ideas for what you might say if you want to speak during the public hearing.

You don’t have to say anything, if you don’t want to. Your presence will speak volumes!

The anti-wind forces ran ads in local papers to turn rally more people to their obstructionist effort.

We’re up against well-funded, well-organized zealots!

Speak up for wind!!