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The Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee Passenger train should be built, according to a Milwaukee County official. County Board Member Chris Larson is reacting to a recent study by Tom Rubin of the Reason Foundation which, citing high costs, favors an expanded commuter bus service instead of the regional passenger rail. Larson agrees with Rubin’s assertion that the rapid buses could operate along the I-94 corridor without having to add new lanes. However, he claims by Rubin’s own admission, lakeside transit would be most efficient with a rail system.

The County Supervisor supports developing the KRM rail while restoring the decaying Milwaukee County bus line. He says the funding could come from a 1% sales tax already been approved by voters in a referendum last November. Larson hopes the tax hike will clear state lawmakers and believes a portion of the tax hike could go toward regional transit.

But Milwaukee County can’t pay for it alone. Larson hopes Racine and Kenosha Counties will follow his county’s example of a sales tax hike referendum.