Do you want the good news first, or the bad news? Two important news pieces for today:

The bad news comes from a press release
from Grothman this morning who wishes to introduce a bill freezing the
Renewable Portfolio Standard at 2012 levels. Certainly a step backwards.

The good news for renewable energy comes from an article in the Harold Times Reporter Charlie Matthews.

MANITOWOC — Richard Heyroth, 82, doesn’t have a
“NIMBY” — Not In My Back Yard — attitude when it comes to erecting
499-foot wind towers on his dairy farm on Benzinger Road in the town of

Quite the opposite.

believe in alternative energy and wind turbines do not pollute,” said
Heyroth, who has signed a lease with Hubertus, Wis.-based EE Services
that may lead to the erection of four giant turbines on his land by the
end of 2013.”

This article still notes the controversies surrounding the project, but it’s looking hopeful.