From a July 22, 2014 story by Tim Meulemans and Steve Chamraz, of TMJ4:

On his farm in Sheboygan County, Dan Kraemer knows two constants — the wind and his fight with Plymouth Utilities.

On this day, a truck from the utility is pulling up to cut off his power. It’s the last step of a battle that ended with Dan refusing to pay his bill.

The Kraemer’s have been living on that land for generations. To save money, Dan works every piece of equipment and every angle.

“On a farm you’re a jack of all trades, master of none they tell me, but we do everything we can to save a dollar,” Kraemer said.

With that in mind, he built a windmill — his plan to go ‘off the grid.’

“I’m running 100 percent wind right now,” Kraemer said.

The windmill’s blades almost never stop — spinning out electricity and money.

“I’m producing considerably more power than I use. Enough to power 8 to 10 additional homes besides what I’m using today,” Kraemer said.

Whatever Kraemer does not need, Plymouth Utilities resells at the full retail rate. However, it only pays Kraemer about a 1/4 of that.

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