From the solicitation announcement from We Energies:

We Energies offers grants under its Renewable Energy Research and Development (R&D) Grant Program to its business and not-for-profit electric customers as well as to organizations teamed with We Energies business and not-for-profit electric customers. This program offers financial assistance in the form of a grant to conduct research on renewable energy technologies, or to help demonstrate a renewable energy product or technology. Areas of research that will receive the highest funding priority include work in the following areas:

1. Improving existing renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, and biomass.
2. Expanding renewable distributed-generation technologies and related technologies, such as energy storage and smart grid technologies that directly benefit the integration and distribution of renewable energy onto the grid.
3. Developing renewable energy technologies, products and services that provide more affordable electricity and improved reliability.
4. Conducting longer-term research on advanced renewable technologies that will help meet tomorrow’s electricity needs and contribute positively to the renewable energy industry.

A proposed research project must be located within We Energies electric service territory, or if not located within the service territory it must clearly provide local benefits to the electric service territory. Grants are not intended to offset the cost of purchasing small renewable systems such as a residential photovoltaic installations and/or a small wind turbine on a farm, but rather are intended for research and development endeavors that will clearly advance a technology or product, and will clearly contribute positively to the renewable energy industry. . . .

We Energies offers grant funds up to a maximum grant of $200,000 per project. Although matching funds are not required for this grant program, any additional funding that can be added to the proposal is considered a favorable element of the project and increases the chances for a successful grant. In addition, as noted above, We Energies grant funds may potentially be used as matching funds toward a larger state or federal grant program, provided project activities meet this program’s requirements and intent. Only one R&D grant will be awarded per applicant per program year. Exceptions will be made for Universities and similar type organizations where separate project applications may be received from different departments within the organization in one calendar year. In those cases, only one successful grant will be awarded to a specific department in a calendar year. . . .

How do I apply for a grant?
Complete and submit the application. The application requires a scope of work that describes the goals of your study, the tasks or deliverables that will be accomplished, a timeline and budget for each task/deliverable, and your qualifications (and those of your team, if applicable). If a consultant or outside entity will perform all or a portion of the work, a scope of work and associated materials must be received on their letterhead and signed by the person(s) committing to complete the study. If you’re an organization teaming with a We Energies electric customer, a letter of commitment from all parties, describing the
relationship and roles of each party, also must be included in your application. . . .

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