Highlights of an ad hoc update and planning Webinar by Don Wichert, RENEW Wisconsin – May 30, 2012. Click HERE to see the full PowerPoint presentation. (Listen to the presentation here. Requires registration.)


Webinar Topics
RENEW’s 2012 Action items
Focus on Energy Funding
Third Party Ownership
Net Metering
2013 Policy

RENEW’s 2012 Action Plan

  1. Organize WI renewable energy stakeholders
  2. Grow business opportunities for renewables
  3. Promote fair value pricing for renewable energy
  4.  Encourage state government support
  5. Revive utility support
  6. Guide reasoned permitting
  7. Maintain & increase renewable energy standards

Meeting with Shaw

Asked a number of questions

  • Actual 2011 expenditures in Focus and renewables
    • List of commitments by tech and $ in 2012
    • Copy of the Total Resource Cost (TRC) calculator
  • Shaw said they are flexible in considering options for Focus renewable funds 
  • Need to roll out program by July 2, 2012
  • RENEW to prepare options by June 1

2012 Focus Funding: Options

  • $10 million is available to SPEND in 2012 
  • $2.1 million is available for new projects to SPEND
    • Energy efficiency qualified only? 

Three program options:

  • Reverse auctions for res and non-res @$700,000 each, leverages ~$6 million @~$0.8 per kWh per year
  • Loan program @$700,000, leverages $10,000,000 in loans and $200,000 for PR and administration
  • First come-first serve residential, RFP non-residential

Questions [During the presentation, participants answered a several questions on presentation topics, including the following ones.]

Q. Should Focus spend vs. obligate the $10 million in incentives this year?
A. Spend: 43% Obligate: 39% Don’t know: 18%

Q. Do you think Focus should limit applications to only those who meet efficiency guidelines?

A. Yes: 37% No: 63%

Q. Should there be carve outs or a minimum level of funding for all technologies?

A. Yes: 61% No: 39%

Q. What percent of the funds should be allocated to residential and non-residential sectors?

A. Res: 46.5% Non-res: 53.5%