From a news release issued by Wisconsin Environment:

West Allis –The Clean Energy Jobs Act will benefit West Allis and the greater Milwaukee area by creating new jobs, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and helping to protect the environment for future generations. That was the message at a town hall meeting last night at the West Allis public library to discuss the Clean Energy Jobs Act, a bill being considered by the legislature targeted at developing the state’s clean energy economy.

At the meeting, business and labor leaders stressed the importance of the legislature passing the Clean Energy Jobs Act to drive the creation of new jobs in the Milwaukee area through manufacturing and installation of clean energy technologies such and wind turbines and solar panels, along with energy efficiency and home retrofit programs.

“Helios USA will be the first solar manufacturer in Wisconsin,” said Steve Ostrenga, CEO of Helios USA, a company preparing to open a new plant in Milwaukee that will employ 54 workers. “We are optimistic about the future of Helios USA given the combination of ready workers, available resources and movement of clean energy policy in the state Legislature.”

In February, Spanish firm Ingeteam cited similar reasons for choosing the Menomonee Valley to open their first North American factory to build wind turbine generators, a plant that will employ 270 workers. The company said the area’s manufacturing base and proximity to the I‐94 corridor were major draws giving Wisconsin a competitive advantage.