On Thursday, December 15, the Whitehouse released a new Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) guidebook. The IRA will increase access to clean energy through a combination of grants, loans, rebates, incentives, and other investments.  With billions of dollars of new investment in clean energy and climate resilience, Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk called the IRA both “a historic opportunity and a historic responsibility.” The IRA has the potential to reduce emissions in the United States by 40% below the 2005 baseline but will require the effective and efficient deployment of these resources.

The IRA Guidebook is a valuable tool in helping to prepare your school, business, family, and community to be prepared to access these resources as they become available. Each of the IRA 100+ programs will be rolled out on a slightly different timeline, so it is helpful to become familiar with the information hubs. CleanEnergy.gov is the clearing house for all IRA resources and will be regularly updated with new information.

The guidebook covers 135 programs, from production tax credits for clean energy to tribal climate resilience grants. The guidebook provides essential information for each program:

  1. Program Description
  2. Amount of funding available
  3. Program Timing
  4. Program eligibility
  5. Cost share requirements

Also worthy of note, the Guidebook website also lists programs by the federal agency. You can find that information towards the bottom of the page. As those programs are updated, this website will be the first place to find the new information. Bookmark this page, as agencies are writing the program details now.

Programs are listed by the agency on a table at the bottom of the guidebook resource page.

The guidebook is an excellent resource for individuals, families, businesses, local governments, tribes, and nonprofits. Rewiring America’s IRA calculator is another useful resource. Households can use this tool to estimate how much money they can save or access from the Inflation Reduction Act. As the IRA becomes more refined, RENEW will continue to share information.  Please see the links below to learn more. 

More Resources

Thanks to Maria Redmond and the Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy for links to resources