From an article by Steve Cahalan in the LaCrosse Tribune:

Want to take advantage of the state’s rebate program for energy-efficient appliances? Better buy no later than April 30, officials said.

About half of the money available in the State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program has been spent, officials said.

Focus on Energy officials also recommend appliance buyers have rebate applications postmarked by May 31 to better qualify.

The state rebate program started Jan. 1 with $5.4 million from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It provides rebates for qualifying energy-efficient appliances, including $25 for a dishwasher, $50 for a freezer, $75 for a refrigerator, $100 for a clothes washer and up to $150 for a water heater.

Rebates are available as well for heating and cooling equipment, such as $200 for a furnace and $75 for a central air conditioner; and renewable energy rebates, such as $2,000 for a solar hot water system. Focus officials recommend consumers buy those items by May 15 and have their rebate application postmarked by June 15.

The date recommendations are based on current demand, but the rebate money could be exhausted sooner, said Bobbi Fey, Focus on Energy assistant director of residential programs.

“It’s really first-come, first-served,” Fey said.