From the Energy Center of Wisconsin:

Identify operational and maintenance improvements in existing buildings and ensure their continued performance over time.

Retro-commissioning is a systematic process for identifying and implementing improvements to an existing building’s equipment and systems. The process focuses on building operation and maintenance activities. It targets energy using systems with the goal of reducing energy waste, achieving energy cost savings and selecting the most cost-effective solutions to achieve these goals and fix existing problems. Results of retro-commissioning may include improved temperature control, better indoor air quality, building pressurization, laboratory safety, infection control and/or electrical system reliability. Potential savings from low-cost to no-cost energy efficiency improvements typically range from 10%-20%.

This half-day training provides an introduction to retro-commissioning. Participants will learn how to conduct a process-based evaluation of building systems performance and energy consumption. Participants will also learn how to determine whether a building is a good candidate for retro-commissioning.

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