A memo distributed to all members of the state Assembly by Xcel Energy on April 20:

Xcel Energy has consistently supported enhanced Renewable Portfolio Standards and increased energy efficiency and conservation spending in the states that we serve. As the nation’s #1 wind provider and a leading provider of renewable energy in Wisconsin, we have been able to incorporate renewable resources into our diverse energy portfolio in a manner that is both cost effective and that meets the increasing energy needs of our customers.

The substitute amendment to the legislation contains many of the important changes for which we have advocated, including: capping the RPS mandate increments as to not penalize early adopters of renewable energy by forcing them to go over the mandates, adding Legislative oversight on proposed increases in spending on energy efficiency and conservation, modifying the nuclear language to ensure its constitutionality and removing language mandating advanced renewable tariffs. While we would still like to see a cap at the 10% increment of the RPS and retention of the current statutory definition of biomass, the changes move the bill to a place that is more consistent with the intent of the Governor’s Global Warming Task Force Recommendations. Xcel Energy served on that Task Force and voted in favor of those recommendations.

For the reasons outlined above, Xcel Energy supports passage of Assembly Bill 649.